NCBC is located in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. As independant Baptist, we believe the Bible (KJV) is the Word of God and It is the only authority for faith & practice. We are a friendly church that cares about you and preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Almost every major world religion can be summarized with the idea that we must somehow appease God by doing good deeds or completing a checklist of works to receive eternal life. These systems are the ultimate form of religious bondage for millions of people all over the planet. They are held hostage to fear and are bound to intricate systems of religious behavior that they are convinced will restore them to God and give them eternal life.

The saddest thing about these systems is that they offer only despair and bondage. They leave the human heart feeling ultimately rejected by God and forever wondering if "I have done enough." They characterize God as more of a slave driver than a heavenly Father, and they leave your heart feeling anything but "close to God."

These systems fill the heart with nagging doubts. What if I missed something? What if I haven't lived up to God's demands? What if Im doing the wrong list? What if my list is missing some critical element? Have I been good enough? How good is good enough? What if I haven't been good enough?

These systems are great for building wealthy, powerful religions because they enslave people, but they do nothing to relieve the inner fears and yearnings of our hearts. They do nothing to heal the conscience and truly bring us into God's favor. They do nothing to introduce us personally to the loving heavenly Father of whom the Bible speaks. As Jesus hung on the cross, he cried "It is finished". At this point, salvation's work was complete, it was settled, it was done. - C. Schmidt

North Country Baptist Church makes no exclusive claim to provide eternal life for anyone. We cannot get anyone to Heaven, but we want to tell you Who can. The Bible tells us to help others see their need to depend on Jesus Christ. Through Him it is all done! Please read about "God's Bridge to Eternal Life" to see what Jesus did for you and how you can trust Him as your Saviour right now.